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Department of Mathematics
University of Massachusetts Boston
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The Department of Mathematics strives for excellence in teaching and research in a broad range of areas.

[Apr 22, 2014] New Math Placement Test: Starting May 1st, 2014, UMass Boston will utilize a new math placement system, offered through a program called ‘ALEKS’, which will replace the current version of the placement test. ALEKS is an online, adaptive assessment and learning system that is tailored to your ability level. ALEKS includes a six-week personalized learning module to allow you to be well prepared for the class into which you placed, or to help you review and re-test into a higher level class. [More details soon]

[Mar 31, 2014] Putnam Exam 2013: The Department of Mathematics congratulates the UMass Boston team (Tianmou Liu, Phong Truong, and Sho Inaba) for their result in the 2013 W.L. Putnam Competition! Our team placed 57th out of 430 teams from 557 institutions in USA and Canada. [More details about the Putnam Competition]

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Phone: 617-287-6460;   Fax: 617-287-6433