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MATH 129 : Precalculus for Management and Social Sciences

Credits: 3

Course Description: This course teaches the algebraic and conceptual skills students need to master before they are ready for MATH 134 or MATH 135. The major part of the course then involves the application of linear, quadratic, and exponential models to problems in management and economics.

Pre-Requisites: Math Placement Test or MATH 115 with a grade of B or better in the previous semester.

Comments: Students intending to take Calculus I and II (MATH 140 and 141) should take MATH 130 instead of MATH 129. Students may take MATH 130 after MATH 129, but only with the explicit permission of the department, and then only for two credits.

Sample Materials

Chapter 1:
1.1 Real Numbers.
1.2 Polynomials.
1.3 Factoring Polynomials.
1.4 Rational Expressions.
1.5 Integral Exponents.
1.6 Solving Equations.
1.7 Rational Exponents and Radicals.
1.8 Quadratic Equations.
1.9 Inequalities and Absolute Value.
Chapter 2:
2.1 The Cartesian Coordinate System and Straight Lines.
2.2 Equations of Lines.
2.3 Functions and Their Graphs
2.4 The Algebra of Functions
2.5 Linear Functions
2.6 Quadratic Functions
2.7 Functions & Mathematical Models.
Chapter 3:
3.1 Exponential Functions.
3.2 Logarithmic Functions.
3.3 Exponential Functions as Mathematical Models.
Chapter 4:
4.1 Compound Interest.
4.2 Annuities.
4.3 Amortization and Sinking Funds.
Chapter 5:
5.1 Systems of Linear Equations: An Introduction.
5.2 Systems of Linear Equations: Unique Solution.
5.3 Systems of Linear Equations: Underdetermined and Overdetermined System.
5.4 Matrices.
5.5 Multiplication of Matrices.
5.6 The Inverse of a Square Matrix.
Chapter 6:
6.1 Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables.
6.2 Linear Programming Problems.
6.3 Graphical Solution of Linear Programming Problems.
Spring 2018 Schedule:

Section Meetings Instructor Comments
MWF 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Roche, Catherine
MWF 02:00pm - 02:50pm
Poweigha, Tonyo
TuTh 08:00am - 09:15am
Fratto, Thomas
TuTh 09:30am - 10:45am
Boorstein, Seth
TuTh 05:30pm - 06:45pm
Street, Artis
MW 04:00pm - 05:15pm
Boorstein, Joan
TuTh 12:00pm - 01:50pm
Miller, Viktoriya

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