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MATH 673 : Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks I: Structural Properties

Credits: 3

Course Description: This course on complex networks is intended for graduate students in mathematics, physics, biology, computer science and engineering who wish to learn about the major ideas and techniques developed in--and the results recently discovered in--one of the most important interdisciplinary research fields.  The main concepts and results are structured so as to be accessible to those with only a good knowledge of basic calculus and probability.  The ideas and methods of network theory covered form a foundation for the study of the structure of complex networks. The course is devoted to the introduction of essential network concepts, the development of new network models, and the characterization of the structural properties of real world networks.   It will contain topics from graph theory, social networks analysis, statistical physics, systems biology, ecology, and computer science.  The course will combine lectures, readings, and discussions of the recent literature.  Throughout the course theoretical ideas and methods will be presented in concert with numerous applications.  During the course computational methods will be emphasized and appropriate software for network analysis will be used.

Pre-Requisites: Permission of Instructor.


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