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Jie Chen


Ph.D., Statistics
University of Connecticut

Senior Statistician
Contact Information:

Office: Healey 5-001
Phone: (617) 287-5241
Email: jie.chen

Recent Publications:

2017 Visual Acuity and Self-Reported Vision Status: Their Associations with Social Isolation in Older Adults. Journal of Aging and Health 29 (2017), 128-148, [Coyle, Caitlin E. and Steinman, Bernard A. and Chen, Jie]
Scan Statistics for Integer Valued Random Variables: Conditional Case. Handbook of Scan Statistics, Springer, 2017. [Chen, Jie and Glaz, Joseph]
2016 Testing Homogeneity of the Multinomial Proportions. Communication in Statistics Theory and Methods 45 (2016), 1747 1777, [Chen, Jie and Glaz, Joseph and Sison, Cristina P.]
Scan Statistics for Monitoring Data Modeled by a Negative Binomial Distribution. Communication in Statistics Theory and Methods 45 (2016), 1632 1442, [Chen, Jie and Glaz, Joseph]
Multiple Window Scan Statistics for Two Dimensional Poisson Processes. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability (2016), no. 18, 967 977, [Chen, Jie and Glaz, Joseph]
More publications

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