m115  College Algebra Syllabus

Professor: M. Greeley
Office: Science 3 - 170

Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 130 - 230 or by appointment
Telephone: 617 287 6456
e-mail: greeley@math.umb.edu
Text: College Algebra, Bittinger Beecher, 2d Edition

Outline: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4.1 - 4.5, 6.1, 8.1 - 8.3

Homework: Individual homework will be assigned every class. It will be crucial for you to do these assignments. There is no substitute in mathematics for hard, concentrated, disciplined individual work. The individual homework will be due onThursdays. It must look professionally done: i.e., there must be no scratchwork; you must use a ruler or straight-edge where appropriate; and you must use mathematical symbols correctly.


N.B. Your work must be your own: it is o.k. to talk with others about it but the final writeup must be yours. Copying results in a 0 for both parties.

Individual Homework 10%
3 In-Term Exams 20% each
Final Exam 30%

Your score = 0.10*(homework average) + 0.20*(Ex1) + 0.20*(Ex2)+ 0.20*(Ex3) + 0.30*(final exam)
Or, your score = your final exam score, whichever is larger.

If, for example, your score is between 70 and 72, your grade would beC-; if your score is between 73 and 76 your grade would be C; and if yourscore is between 77 and 79 your grade would be C+.
(1) You will need a scientific calculator.
(2) Homework can not be turned in late; there will be no makeups for missed exams.
(3) Please bring the text to class with you each day. We will use it during class.
(4) A copy of this syllabus is on my web site. You can access the web through the personal computers in the Upper Level of the Healey Library.