Work on mathematical physics:

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  2. What do quantum "weak" measurements actually measure? arXiv:0908.0035
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    (.PDF version of paper with referees' reports and comments appended).
    The comments include analysis of recent work of H. Spohn
    ("The critical manifold of the Lorentz-Dirac equation", Europhysics Letters 50 (2000), 287-292, physics/9911027),
    necessitated by claims of one of the referees, along with an invited reply from Dr. Spohn.
  4. Asymptotics of a proposed delay-differential equation of motion for charged particles,
    gr-qc/0205065 (paper only),
    PDF version of paper with referees' reports and comments appended.  This is about 35 pages,
     so it may take noticeable time to download with a slow connection.
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