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Minor in Mathematics

Whether you wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in preparation for advancement in your career or advancement in your studies, obtaining a minor in mathematics will assist you in your goals. A minor in mathematics can be tailored to complement many different majors and will provide one with analytical and technical skills that will make one's resume stand apart. Obtaining a minor in mathematics requires the completion of just seven courses in the department of mathematics.


MATH 140 - Calculus I MATH 240 - Multivariable Calculus
MATH 141 - Calculus II MATH 260 - Linear Algebra
Three MATH courses at the 300 level or higher.  

Many students who are studying within the College of Science and Mathematics will complete some of these courses to complete their major requirements. Students who are studying Computer Science or Physics, in particular, will only need to complete a few extra courses in the Department of Mathematics in order to obtain a minor in mathematics.

See your academic advisor in the Department of Physics and/or Computer Science and in the Department of Mathematics for more details.

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