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The Haitian Scientific Society Seminar Series is an important component of our general outreach program. The series started in 1996 and has been our main connection to the international research community ever since. The topics are of a broad scientific nature and appeal to the public. We avoid technicalities and emphasize breadth over depth whenever it is possible. Over the years, the HSS Seminar Series has created an atmosphere where research and professional networks have been formed and the participants have been exposed to a broad range of scientific and research activities involving Haitians, Haitian-Americans and well-known international scientists and engineers. A brief perusal of the HSS Seminar archives reveals our broad perspective and our unique capacity to fruitfully mix subjects and lines of inquiries that are usually kept apart. Our goal is to labor vigorously to remain actively involved at the intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences. This is our attempt to move back to an earlier understanding of the role of the “citizen” who is forced, at his/her own risks and perils, to develop a certain appreciation for that non-trivial intersection to better fulfill his/her patriotic duties. We share with Raymond Aron the belief that “L’homme d’action est celui qui, en une conjoncture singulière et unique, choisit en fonction de ses valeurs et introduit dans le réseau du déterminisme un fait nouveau.” [Introduction to Max Weber’s – Le savant et le politique]


Currently, the HSS Seminar Series takes place on zoom. Inquiries and other pertinent information should be sent to Alfred Noël.








April 1

Board Meeting


April 29

Oleg Lazarev

Flexibility and rigidity in contact and symplectic geometry

May 27

Board Meeting

Jean-Eugène Piou

Computation of Posterior Cramer-Rao Bounds for Deep Learning Networks

July 1

Board Meeting

Frantz Verella

Ki solisyon pou pwoblèm inondasyon an Ayiti? Sa nou aprann apre senkant an



August 26

Board Meeting


September 30

Christian Geneus

Mathematical Modeling of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Effectiveness of Interventions


October 28

Olivia Geneus

A Look into Nanotechnology and its Possibilities

December 2

Vladimir Geneus

Emerging Treatments for Arthritis: A Clinical Trial Retrospective













January 27

Board Meeting


February 24

Maryam Bagherian

Unveiling the power of metric learning: from diverse domains to enhanced optimization

March 30

Ruben Louis

On Nash-type resolution of Lie algebroids with applications to (twisted) Poisson structures (Work in progress)


April 27

Board Meeting


May 26 (SUNDAY)

Jean René Cupidon

An Exchange Rate Model Where the Fundamentals Follow Jump Diffusion Processes