Haitian Scientific Society Seminar Series

Saturday September 30, 2023


Zoom-Link: https://umassboston.zoom.us/j/94777986513




Mathematical Modeling of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Effectiveness of Interventions



Christian Geneus

Procter & Gamble


Abstract: Transmission-based mathematical models help to guide mitigation efforts addressing important questions such as “When will the incidence reach its peak” or “What impact will testing have on the reducing transmission”. To best help quantify the impact of both pharmaceutical (i.e., vaccination) and non-pharmaceutical interventions (including frequent testing, surgical and N95 facemasks) for COVID-19, a Stochastic Generalized Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered (SEIR)-Epidemic Model was developed. Results of the simulation showed the following: 1) the rate of infection for non-facemask wearers were almost twice as high compared to the facemask wearers, 2) the quality of the facemasks has a distinct impact on the rate of transmission, and 3) the combination of several non-pharmaceutical interventions can greatly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Lastly, results show that as the rate of vaccination coverage increases, the effective reproductive number decreases in turn reduces the rate of transmission of COVID-19.


Bio: Dr. Geneus received his PhD in Biostatistics from Tulane University in 2020. He obtained three Master’s degrees between 2011 and 2018 in various scientific fields. He completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at UmassAmherst in 2011.  Since 2020, he has been a Research Scientist/Statistician at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a Partner at Mergen Research in New Orleans, Louisiana.