Haitian Scientific Society Seminar Series

Saturday March 30, 2024


Zoom-Link: https://umassboston.zoom.us/j/94777986513




On Nash-type resolution of Lie algebroids with applications to (twisted) Poisson structures

 (Work in progress)



Ruben Louis

Jilin University (China) and Göttingen University (Germany)




We introduce a Nash-type blowup method on (almost) Lie algebroids with applications, particularly in the context of (twisted) Poisson structures. It also makes sense on singular subalgebroids in the sense of Androulidakis-Zambon. The study reveals that any Lie algebroid transforms under this blowup to a new Lie algebroid whose anchor map is injective on an open dense subset. We provide concrete examples to elucidate these theoretical constructions.






Dr. Ruben Louis holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics, which he earned on November 12th, 2022, at Lorraine University, Metz, France, under the guidance of Professor Camille Laurent-Gengoux. His doctoral research focused on “Universal Higher Lie Algebras of Singular Spaces and their Symmetries.” Dr. Louis specializes in differential geometry and homotopy algebras and has published papers in top journals. He is also co-author of a forthcoming book on singular foliations, which will be the first reference book in this field.

Currently, Dr. Louis serves as a Postdoctoral researcher, dividing his time between Jilin University in China and Göttingen University in Germany, since September 2023. He previously worked as a temporary researcher and lecturer at Lorraine University (2022-2023).


In recognition of his doctoral thesis, Dr. Louis was awarded the IAEM 2023 thesis prize from Lorraine University, France.