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Kourosh Zarringhalam

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Mathematics
University of New Hampshire

Contact Information:

Office: Wheatley 3-154-12
Phone: (617) 287-7486
Email: kourosh.zarringhalam
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Professional Interests: Mathematical biology, methods of applied mathematics, including analysis, dynamics and signal processing.


Recent Publications:

2017 Identification of competing endogenous RNAs of the tumor suppressor gene PTEN: A probabilistic approach. Sci. Rep. (2017), no. 7:7755, [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Tai, Yvonne and Kulkarni, Prajna and Bester, Assaf C. and Pandolfi, Pier Paolo and Kulkarni, Rahul]
Prediction of bacterial small RNAs in the RsmA (CsrA) and ToxT pathways: a machine learning approach. BMC Genomics (2017), no. 18:645, [Fakhry, Carl Tony and Kulkarni, Prajna and Chen, Ping and Kulkarni, Rahul and Zarringhalam, Kourosh]
2016 Pressure dependency of localization degree in heavy fermion CeIn3: A density functional theory analysis. Sci Rep 6 (2016), [Yazdani-Kachoei, M and Jalali-Asadabadi, S and Ahmad, Iftikhar and Zarringhalam, Kourosh]
Interpreting transcriptional changes using causal graphs: new methods and their practical utility on public networks. BMC Bioinformatics 17 (2016), no. 1, [Fakhry, Carl Tony and Choudhary, Parul and Gutteridge, Alex and Sidders, Ben and Chen, Ping and Ziemek, Daniel and Zarringhalam, Kourosh]
Frequency modulation of stochastic gene expression bursts by strongly interacting small RNAs. Phys Rev E 94 (2016), no. 4-1, [Kumar, Niraj and Jia, Tao and Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Kulkarni, Rahul]
2015 Biomedical Relation Extraction Using Stochastic Difference Equations. Proceedings of IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference, 2015. [Fakhry, Carl Tony and Chen, Ping and Zarringhalam, Kourosh]
2014 Robust clinical outcome prediction based on Bayesian analysis of transcriptional profiles and prior causal networks. Bioinformatics 30 (2014), 69--77, [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Enayetallah, Ahmed and Reddy, Padmalatha and Ziemek, Daniel]
2013 Molecular causes of transcriptional response: a Bayesian prior knowledge approach. Bioinformatics 29 (2013), 3167--3173, [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Enayetallah, Ahmed and Gutteridge, Alex and Sidders, Ben and Ziemek, Daniel]
2012 An open system for automatic home-cage behavioral analysis and its application to male and female mouse models of Huntington's disease. Behavioural Brain Research 229 (2012), 216--225, [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Ka, Minhan and Kook, Yeon-hee and Terranova, Joseph I. and Suh, Yongjoon and King, Oliver D. and Um, Moonkyoung]
Statistical Analysis of the Processes Controlling Choline and Ethanolamine Glycerophospholipid Molecular Species Composition. PLOS One 7 (2012), [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Zhang, Lu and Kiebish, Michael A. and Yang, Kui and Han, Xianlin and Gross, Richard W. and Chuang, Jeffrey]
Integrating Chemical Footprinting Data into RNA Secondary Structure Prediction. PLOS One 7 (2012), [Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Meyer, Michelle M. and Dotu, Ivan and Chuang, Jeffrey H. and Clote, Peter]
Dynamics of the Ethanolamine Glycerophospholipid Remodeling Network. PLOS One 7 (2012), [Zhang, Lu and Diaz-diaz, Norberto and Zarringhalam, Kourosh and Hermansson, Martin and Somerharju, Pentti and Chuang, Jeffrey]
2011 Sequential adaptive compressed sampling via Huffman codes. Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process. 10 (2011), no. 3, 231--254, [Aldroubi, Akram and Wang, Haichao and Zarringhalam, Kourosh]
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