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Timothy P. Killingback

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Mathematical Physics
Edinburgh University (Scotland)

Contact Information:

Office: Wheatley 3-154-25
Phone: (617) 287-6440
Email: timothy.killingback

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Professional Interests: Mathematical biology, evolutionary dynamics, dynamical systems, and game theory.


Recent Publications:

2016 Evolution of Cooperation in Social Dilemmas on Complex Networks. PLOS Computational Biology 12 (2016), [Iyer, Swami and Killingback, Timothy]
Evolutionary dynamics of a smoothed war of attrition game. J. Theoret. Biol. 396 (2016), 25--41, [Iyer, Swami and Killingback, Timothy]
2015 The importance of delineating networks by activity type in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Cedar Key, Florida. Royal Society Open Science 2 (2015), 140263--140263, [Gazda, Stefanie and Iyer, Swami and Killingback, Timothy and Connor, Richard and Brault, Solange]
2014 An Application of Evolutionary Game Theory to Social Dilemmas: The Traveler ' s Dilemma and the Minimum Effort Coordination Game. PLOS One 9 (2014), [Iyer, Swami and Reyes, Joshua and Killingback, Timothy]
Evolutionary dynamics of the traveler's dilemma and minimum-effort coordination games on complex networks. Physical Review E 90 (2014), [Iyer, Swami and Killingback, Timothy]
2013 Competitively coupled maps and spatial pattern formation. Physical Review E 87 (2013), [Killingback, Timothy and Loftus, Gregory and Sundaram, Bala]
Attack Robustness and Centrality of Complex Networks. PLOS One 8 (2013), [Iyer, Swami and Killingback, Timothy and Sundaram, Bala and Wang, Zhen]
Spatial heterogeneity promotes coexistence of rock-paper-scissors metacommunities. Theoretical Population Biology 86 (2013), 1--11, [Schreiber, Sebastian J. and Killingback, Timothy P.]
A comment on ``Towards a rigorous framework for studying 2-player continuous games'' by Shade T. Shutters, Journal of Theoretical Biology 321, 40--43, 2013. J. Theoret. Biol. 336 (2013), 240--241, [Doebeli, Michael and Hauert, Christoph and Killingback, Timothy]
2010 A statistical construction of power-law networks. Int. J. Parallel Emergent Distrib. Syst. 25 (2010), no. 3, 223--235, [Ghadge, Shilpa and Killingback, Timothy and Sundaram, Bala and Tran, Duc A.]
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